Letter: Creating Art is Not a Crime

Letter: Creating Art is Not a Crime

Bruce Kevin Bates
St Augustine, FL

This evening will mark a turning point in the History of St. Augustine’s war against the Artists. Tonight, Saint Augustine’s City Commissioners will vote to change the boundaries within the City where artists were once prohibited from Creating Art in public, under threat of arrest, and 60 days in jail.

Several of the ordinances defining the areas where artists were threatened with arrest (and jail) for simply pleinair painting in public, will be rescinded. In addition, new venues will open for Saint Augustine’s artists to sell their art.

Thank you Helena Sala, Elena Hecht, and Kate Merrick, for your tireless efforts and your decade-long support of artists rights. From protesting on the streets and sidewalks, to fighting in Federal Court (twice), you have been staunch defenders of artists rights!

Thanks to everyone in our community, and from the artists both here, and around the world, who protested in defense of artists rights to Create Art without fear of arrest or jail.

And special thanks to Thomas E. Cushman, St. Augustine attorney at law, for your decades of service to the fine artists and musicians of St. Augustine.

You, Mr. Cushman, are my SuperHero.

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