Letter: Don’t support slavery but do support history

Dale Mitchell
St Augustine, FL

Dear Historic City News editor:

I am writing in hopes your readers will not support the removal of the confederate soldiers’ memorials in our city. I know this is an item that is coming before the City Commissioners soon.

These memorials do NOT support slavery, they support the men who were called to fight for many reasons. Many of these soldiers were Minorcans. Many who came here as indentured slaves themselves. These men are my ancestors and were honorable service men.

I do not support slavery but I do support our history and I hope that our city will not fall to the cry of those who want to destroy everything that was connected to the south and the Civil War.

I think education on the real reasons the south fought this war and how few of them owned slaves should be something that is promoted instead of the only connection to history was slavery. If people would research this war they would find the real truth.

The fact that it offends some is not a good reason. If this were true there would be very little left of our history and our culture as there is always someone who is offended.

Please fight for our history and to keep it here for all to see.

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