Letter: Let protesting players pay for team’s financial loss


Terry R Herbert
St Augustine, FL

Dear Historic City News editor:

I have the perfect solution to NFL football players having the freedom to express their views that allows the NFL owners to be able to recoup the percentage of their fan base, and revenue, that these football players desiring to politicize a sporting event have cost.

If these spoiled professional black athletes don’t appreciate that they, a minority, hold a 70% advantage compared to players of other races, and that they are receiving millions of dollars of annual income based upon their team’s fan participation and TV revenue, let whatever percentage of revenue they cost the team to be subtracted from that player’s annual income.

If their actions offend and run off fans of their team and cost their owners 20% of projected revenue, let the percentage be deducted from their annual salary. If it amounts to 1/3 of their team’s projected revenue, let them receive $4,000,000 instead of their contracted $6,000,000.

If these players really have convictions, they won’t mind sacrificing a million dollars or more in income each year to prove their convictions are real.

All teams have a conduct clause in each contract. Honoring our flag, and national anthem, and not offending patriotic fans, as well as present and past servicemen, should be part of the conduct expected of each employee of the team.


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