Letter: No more delays on vote to dissolve Town of Hastings

John Barnes
Hastings, FL

Dear Historic City News editor:

Four months ago, the Hastings Town Council was asked to reach out to the administration of St. Johns County and to request a feasibility study to see if the citizens of Hastings would be better off by dissolving the town charter.

The county responded. They explained that the portion of our property taxes that are for the town would cease to exist if we choose to be governed by the county, like Crescent Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, etc. Further, they reported that our county water bills would be about half of what they are now.

But, the jackass mayor, Tom Ward, and part-time town attorney, Michael McCabe, are delaying the resolution that would put the issue to a vote by the citizens of the town. The attorney gets paid every month he can delay this issue. The mayor just doesn’t get it.

The Hastings Town Council should pass a resolution that gives us, the people of Hastings, the right to vote either “yes” or “no” to dissolve the town charter. We have a right to be governed by whoever we choose.

All we are asking for is a ballot. I don’t know why the town council won’t speak up to our simple-minded mayor.

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