Letter: Rawls should read and believe his bible

Doug Russo
St Augustine, FL

Dear Historic City News editor:

My support of the Confederate burial memorials is based on my belief in the holy scriptures.

Contrary to false opinions and hearsay promoted by Pastor Ron Rawls, slavery is NEVER condemned in the scriptures. Rather, it is supported in both testaments of the Holy Bible, Exodus 21:2, One Timothy 6;1. Although this doctrine may be unpopular, it is certain.

The Confederacy was on the right side of biblical text. Hence many of the confederate flags had Christian crosses on them. The Confederate flag in present debate, carries the cross of the Apostle Andrew. When martyred, like his brother Peter, Andrew felt unworthy to die like Jesus. So, a different cross was constructed.

Ron Rawls’ fixation on white supremacy and oppression is nothing more than hate and envy. Neither of which are Christian virtues. I would suggest he read and believe his bible.

I personally would love to publicly debate Rawls. Perhaps the League of Women Voters could make this happen.

Nevertheless, Southern Heritage is my heritage. I still believe God made them male and female. I believe the Holy Bible, every word, including those doctrines that may be unpopular.

Doug Russo is a former missionary to the Sioux Indian Nation.

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