Letter: Southern Blacks served honorably in the Confederacy

HK Edgerton
Member, Save Southern Heritage –FL
Tampa, FL

Dear Historic City News editor:

I am sick and tired of this same old song and dance about Confederate monuments being offensive. Ron Rawls is reading Morris Dee’s script and I want him and all his cronies to take a lie detector test to prove they’re offended.

Dr. Martin Luther King and Andrew Young marched by that same statue and didn’t say a word about it – not one!

Pastor Rawls is simply another misinformed individual that needs some education. And being a so-called Reverend, he needs to start with the Book of Paul. And if he wants to blame someone for slavery in St. Augustine and Florida, he needs to wind the clock back and look at the Spanish, who brought it to Florida in the first place.

The statues he wants gone are just a block from the childhood home of two Confederate veterans – Alexander Darnes and Kirby Smith – and not a mile from the graves of Anthony Welters and two other black Confederates in San Lorenzo Cemetery.

I challenge Ron Rawls to a debate on the role of Southern Blacks in the Confederacy. They served honorably, and the City shouldn’t touch the memorial. He’s nothing but an Al Sharpton clone – a poverty pimp – seeking to divide the races.

He has gone too far. Attacking the graves, monuments and flags of our Southern heroes is third in line to the Bible and the Christian Cross.

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