Letter: The Trump Agenda

Letter: The Trump Agenda

Terry Buckenmeyer
St Augustine, FL

Dear Historic City News Editor:

Most of the conservative right wing agenda is going to pass before there is any chance to organize an effective opposition.

Like the original Patriot Act, the agenda has been written and lying in wait for the right time. And, like the Patriot Act, it will move very quickly before anyone has a chance to really read and evaluate the consequences.

Thanks to Ron and Rand Paul, the Koch Brothers money, and the arrogance of the liberals, the far right has been organizing since before Barack Obama was elected President.

They talked and “listened” to the working poor on a local level. Then they transformed their agenda into a promise for a quick and easy solution to working class problems.

They effectively engaged people. Petitions, phone calls, sign waving, etc. won’t stop the avalanche of conservative change that is coming. I think that the change will be catastrophic for the working class – working poor and middle class. We don’t need benevolent dictators or condescending saviors. What we need is someone to govern not rule. Someone who serves the people not dictates to them.

We as a people have the ability and the intelligence to discuss and find real human solutions. We might make mistakes along the way but we can make a better world for ourselves, our families, our community and Mother Earth.

So, all of you Democrats and liberals, Trump IS President. Deal with it! You want things to be different? Put aside your self-righteousness. Get up. Quit whining. Go out and meet people that are different from you — racially, economically, politically, culturally.

Talk to them. Listen to them. Find out what they want. Don’t find a black person to convey your message to his or her community, meet black people make friends with them. Listen to their message and incorporate it into your own agenda. In other words, ORGANIZE ORGANIZE ORGANIZE!

Oh yeah, all of you politicians please be careful about using the word “revolution”, you might get what you ask for. To quote a young Iraq War veteran and songwriter, Bobby Whittenberg, ”You want a revolution, we’ll bring you class war”.

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