Letter: Where is the compassion in Compassionate St Augustine?

Letter: Where is the compassion in Compassionate St. Augustine?

Casey Eugene Leydon
St Augustine, FL

Dear Historic City News editor:

Why does an assembly of good people, gathered under the banner of “Compassionate” and “Saint Augustine”, proudly celebrate the genocide of the people of this land. Why?

If they were ignorant before, now they have been told; and still they dance in the blood of the Timucua who fought and fell defending their wives, children, and elders from the army of the invading King and Queen of Spain.

There is no compassion in being complicit to genocide. And, there is no healing until compassion replaces complicit. I pray for the people, for the hearts, of the community of St Augustine, that they may become valiant in love and victorious in compassion.

All of the indigenous cousins of the Timucua are praying and waiting for change. All of Turtle Island’s 500 nations are watching. And, waiting.

Photo credit: © 2017 Historic City News facebook archive photograph by Shi M. Mera

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