Local emergency medical team arrives in Puerto Rico

Fire Rescue Chief Carl A. Shank, announced to Historic City News that two of our local firefighters have deployed to Puerto Rico with the American Volunteer Emergency Response Team.

The mission for Battalion Chief Hank Epperson and Firefighter Paramedic Tyler Fenton is to provide basic medical assistance to the heavily impacted parts of the island.

“On behalf of St Johns County Fire Rescue, thank you Hank and Tyler for your efforts providing emergency care and recovery assistance to the Island of Puerto Rico,” Chief Shank told local reporters.

Fenton and Epperson arrived yesterday and have begun the process of setting up a base camp in partnership with a local hospital and the Waves-4-Water organization.

They will be working over the next few days to provide basic medical care and clean water solutions to some remote areas of the island.

As connectivity allows, they will be providing photos and stories from the trip, Shank reported.  Historic City News readers will want to follow the Fire Rescue facebook page for updates over the next few days.


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