Man attacks police trying to get him to protective custody

Late Sunday, before midnight, Historic City News learned that St Augustine Police officers were dispatched to the St Augustine Amphitheatre in response to a citizen complaint of a suspicious person in the area.

Officers arrived on the scene to find 46-year-old Matthew Stanley Kwiatkowski lying on the ground and vomiting. There was a strong odor of alcohol, and Kwiatkowski was having trouble sitting up.

While officers were trying to interview Kwiatkowski, who lives at 820 W 5th St in St. Augustine, they tried to find help for him to get home. Unexpectedly, he made threats to fight the two officers then stood up, taking a fighting stance.

Police at the scene believed that, in his present condition, Kwiatkowski could not care for himself. Further, he could be a danger to himself or others, so they placed him into protective custody.

When officers placed Kwiatkowski into a police vehicle for transportation, he kicked one of the officers in the chest. At that time, he was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and obstructing an officer without violence.

Kwiatkowski was transported to the St Johns County Detention Facility where he remains in lieu of $5,000 bail.

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