Man making “citizen’s arrest” taken to jail instead

A 33-year-old St Johns County man who wanted to hand over a man he had taken into custody under a “citizen’s arrest” for alleged drug activity and false police reporting, was himself arrested when sheriff’s deputies arrived at the victim’s residence in Treasure Beach on Friday.

Taylor O’Toole, who resides at 6306 Gomez Rd in St Augustine, was arrested at the victim’s home on Desoto Road just before 10:00 a.m. after he exited his vehicle and approached deputies with the victim “in custody”.

A female witness told deputies that O’Toole knocked on the door of her friend’s house, and when she opened the door, he forced his way inside. O’Toole began a verbal argument which turned physical.

O’Toole forced the 47-year-old man outside, held him on the ground, and placed him into his vehicle. He drove them to the sheriff’s field station at Crescent Beach, but returned to the residence when he found the field station closed.

Deputies arrested O’Toole on charges of kidnapping, battery and burglary after the morning incident. Following his first appearance Saturday morning, O’Toole was released after posting a $16,000 appearance bond.

The Sheriff’s Office made no statement about O’Toole’s allegations that the Desoto Road man was involved in drug activity and false police reporting.

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