Mayor will undergo modest surgery for stage-1 breast cancer

Mayor Shaver made a personal announcement to her fellow commissioners and the citizens of St Augustine concerning her health during Monday night’s city commission meeting.

The mayor confirmed to Historic City News last week that she had been diagnosed with stage-1 breast cancer, following biopsies performed as a result of her annual mammogram.

“Don’t put off your mammogram and don’t think you don’t need the test simply because you are getting older,” Nancy, who is 70-years-old, warned. “30% of breast cancer occurs in women 70-years-old, or older.”

The mayor credits early detection of the cancer with dramatically improved chances for a positive outcome.

Her modest surgery is scheduled for Wednesday August 16th, and if all goes as well as her physicians and surgeons expect, she plans to be back for the budget meeting set for August 24th.

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