MSN reveals the prettiest town in every state

As if Historic City News readers didn’t already know, St Augustine was selected as the prettiest town in the State of Florida in a recent compilation by THE DAILY MEAL that was published on today’s MSN travel page.

Because of its tremendous geographical expanse and its broad cultural variety, the United States is still one of the greatest places to live and travel, with more beautiful cities and towns than anyone can imagine.

“Unfortunately, we could not put every lovely town in the U.S. on this list, so we settled for choosing one from each state,” Bianca Bahamondes wrote.

From Maui’s gorgeous small town of Paia, to Alaska’s hidden gem of Sitka, to the artistic village of Yellow Springs, Ohio, and down to the nation’s oldest city of St Augustine, Florida, each of these destinations offers something enchanting and unique.

“St. Augustine is easily the prettiest town in Florida, and the Nation’s Oldest City,” Bahamondes proclaimed. “Check out the oldest masonry fort, pop in and out of the many stores down St. George Street, or stop into one of the restaurants to grab a bite.”

Her description of our hometown contained a pet peeve — the writer described St Augustine as “a cobblestoned town”. We all know the streets are not cobblestoned, they are brick. One thing she certainly got right, was the observation that, with over 400 years of history, “you’ll quickly fall in love with the city’s ambiance”.

You can check out which town from your state made the list.

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