Multiple charges against Hastings woman driving stolen truck

About 3:07 p.m., Saturday April 1, 2017, Stephen M. Conway, an off-duty deputy, observed a white Ford Expedition in the area of SR-16 and I-95; recognizing it as a vehicle that had been reported stolen by Sumter County authorities.

Historic City News learned that deputies Todd Boger and Nicholas Cooper conducted a felony traffic stop of the vehicle on I-95 southbound after receiving confirmation of the stolen vehicle report.

The vehicle was being driven by 32-year-old Kayla Marie Hunter, whose address was reported as 10000 Allison Avenue in Hastings.  When officers confirmed her identity, the search revealed an outstanding Sumter County warrant; on which, Hunter was arrested.  Hunter admitted to deputies that she had the stolen Ford Expedition in her possession, but later said her father rented the vehicle for her in Sumter County.  There was no passenger reported inside the vehicle.

Deputies Nicholas Cooper and Justin Ackerman performed an inventory of the Expedition.  Included in the contents was a large white purse that contained Hunter’s Florida driver’s license.  According to the report, the bag was positioned where Hunter was seated.

  • A fully loaded five-shot .38 caliber revolver with the hammer cocked. A search of available records indicated that Hunter does not possess a concealed weapons permit.
  • Five individual clear, dime-size plastic bags totaling 1.4 grams of substance that tested positive for methamphetamine using a presumptive chemical field test.
  • A medium-size clear plastic bag with 12.7 grams of a green leafy substance that tested positive for marijuana using a presumptive chemical field test.
  • A pill bottle containing a single 5mg zolpidem tortrate tablet; a sedative medication that is a category IV controlled substance, and a half-tablet identified as a 2mg alprazolam tablet; also, a sedative medication that is a category IV controlled substance.
  • A Bayer aspirin bottle containing 21 whole blue pills and a single, half-tablet, identified as 2mg alprazolam tablets; a sedative medication that is a category IV controlled substance.
  • Two glass pipes of the type commonly used to ingest, smoke, or inhale drugs into the human body.

The defendant currently remains in custody in lieu of $16,500 bond on seven felony and two misdemeanor charges.

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