Nancy Sikes-Kline to receive Adelaide Sanchez Award

The City of St Augustine reported to Historic City News that the commission will present Nancy Sikes-Kline with the Adelaide Sanchez Award for Historic Preservation, Restoration, Education and Interpretation at an upcoming regular meeting.

The nomination was made by fellow Commissioner, Leanna Freeman, and was supported unanimously by the entire Commission at its April 24th meeting.

“When I became a Commissioner, I knew I loved our city and its history, but I did not have the appreciation that I have for it now, and for that I credit the person who influenced me the most – Commissioner Sikes-Kline,” said Freeman.

Sikes-Kline is a native Floridian and has lived in St. Augustine since 1984. She received her bachelor’s degree in geography from the University of Florida during which she worked summer internships with the Tampa Hillsborough Historic Preservation Board surveying historic properties and later with the City of St. Augustine’s Planning and Building Department. That second internship wound up with her being offered a job in St. Augustine doing similar work.

The city’s archaeological curatorial center, The Middleton Center, is named for Sikes-Kline’s mother who bequeathed her home to support the city’s archaeological program.

The presentation of the award will be early in the regular meeting held Monday, May 22nd. The meeting starts at 5:00 p.m. in The Alcazar Room, City Hall, 75 King Street. The meeting is open to the public and may be viewed live via Government TV, channel 3 on Comcast Cable, and at

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