One dead in domestic shooting in south Davis Shores

St Augustine Police Department Public Information Officer, Mark Samson, has been updating Historic City News reporters as information is slowly being released from the scene of a domestic shooting that has left one man dead.

Two other persons at the scene are being questioned — one, a woman who Samson is telling reporters may have been involved in the shooting. When police arrived, they found the woman with the man who had been shot.

“Officers were called about 5:30 p.m. to investigate at a home in the 400 block of Arricola Avenue, just south of Anastasia Boulevard near the Bridge of Lions,” Samson said. “They quickly took the female into custody for their safety, and hers, then started the initial investigation.”

The yet unnamed victim died early Thursday evening on Arricola Avenue, per the St. Augustine Police Department. At this time, the relationship between the man and the woman has not been released.

“I want to assure our residents that all parties involved in this incident are in custody and cooperating,” Chief of Police Barry Fox told Historic City News. “There is no reason to believe that our community is in any danger regarding this incident. Officers and investigators will remain on site until the scene is completely processed.”

Samson asked that reporters stay with him to get accurate information “when we feel we can release it”. As with many incidents, Samson says “rumors will be generated”. Samson promised that he will update us as soon as he is able to provide more details.

“A search warrant has been prepared and sent for a judge’s signature,” Samson stated to local media. “We have to get into the apartment the legal way — collect the evidence we can and get it to FDLE to study, then try to tie the whole story together and come up with a conclusion at the end.”

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