Patel gets rezoning of HP-5 property for San Marco Hotel

The San Marco Hotel PUD is one step closer to breaking ground tonight after vice-mayor Todd Neville made a motion to approve the rezoning of Barnacle Bill’s restaurant and parking lot after hours of presentations and public comment.

Commissioner Nancy Sikes-Kline had an emergency and left the meeting before the 3-1 vote was called, with Mayor Nancy Shaver the only commissioner voting to preserve the HP-5 zoning.

Many Historic City News readers and residents in north city have expressed concerns with rezoning HP property for use as a parking lot, however, in the end, commercial interests won out.

Support for the rezoning came from the Visitor Convention Bureau and Chamber of Commerce as well as other developers, hoteliers, and Patel’s banker, Ameris Bank; who confirmed that adequate finances are in place for the construction of the hotel — with or without approval of the rezoning.

Patel’s attorney, James Whitehouse, said the next step will be a return to the Historic Architectural Review Board for final approval and certificate of appropriateness.

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