Police arrest six after beating of pedestrians in Lincolnville

Historic City News was informed that at about 8:00 p.m. on Halloween night, St Augustine Police were dispatched to a disturbance call on Dr Martin Luther King Avenue near Lovett Street in Lincolnville.

Officer Erek Smith was the first officer on the scene. He contacted 33-year-old Marquietta Elmore, 39-year-old Lashet Johnson, 21-year-old Tamera Johnson, 19-year-old Anaya Oxendine, 20-year-old Makayla Oxendine, and 23-year-old Kanisha Singleton, but was unable to determine what happened.

As officers continued to arrive and question others along the street, two victims were discovered in the area of 133 Dr Martin Luther King Avenue. The first, a 26-year-old black female, reported that she was walking down the street when several girls exited a passing vehicle and attacked her; beating her with a crowbar, baseball bats, kicking her, and hitting her with glass bottles. The victim had a visible knot on the right side of her head and the inside of her bottom lip was cut and bleeding.

The second victim, a 24-year-old black male. told police that he was walking home from trick-or-treating, when several girls exited a vehicle with bottles in hand and proceeded to strike him across his head. As he was trying to escape, they surrounded him and began punching and kicking him. Emergency medical personnel arrived to find broken glass in the victim’s hair as well as lacerations to his front upper torso and rear upper torso that were consistent with being stabbed, possibly with broken glass bottles.

After interviewing witnesses, the victims, and collecting physical evidence at the scene, the investigators determined that the six females initially contacted by police were in fact the attackers responsible for the injuries inflicted on the two victims.

All six were arrested and charged with battery.

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