Proposed A1A multi–use trail Vilano Beach to Mickler’s Landing

SR-A1A from Vilano Beach to Mickler’s Landing is an increasingly congested, high–speed corridor which has seen a steady increase in vehicle traffic over the past several years.

Known as part of the “A1A Scenic and Historic Coastal Byway”, it is the only road connecting over a dozen communities located along this roadway, and is home to more than 5000 residents, seven county parks, Guana River State Park, and numerous businesses.

“Safety is one of the core pillars of the Friends of A1A Scenic and Historic Coastal Byway mission,” Danielle Anderson, the Byway spokesman told Historic City News today.  “We find that despite bicycle lanes, the corridor is not conducive to safe use by pedestrians, recreational cyclists, children, and other non–motorized users.”

A group of community members, partners, and stakeholders along the Byway, have expressed a desire to improve safety along the coastal corridor from Vilano Beach to Ponte Vedra Beach through the creation of a multi-use trail.



“We would like to invite you to help support this mission by signing the petition asking the St Johns County Board of Commissioners to undertake a feasibility study for this important project,” Anderson said.

A Multi–Use Trail on the west side of A1A, in the existing right–of–way, will enhance the livability and safety of our community, Anderson said.  The proposed project, introduced by Mark Atkins, has already raised 334 petition signatures.

Information on the proposed project is available on the petition page and will provide insight about the community based concept. Time is of the essence to move forward, so we hope you will lend your voice to the effort.


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