Re-directing Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer funding

Saint Augustine Tea Party has invited all Historic City News readers to attend the next general meeting Tuesday, July 25th at 6:30 p.m. at the Village Inn located at 900 North Ponce de Leon Boulevard when the special guest speaker will be Eileen Escalante, Regional Field Director for Susan B. Anthony List.

Controversial taxpayer funding of organizations like Planned Parenthood are the focus Susan B. Anthony List; which combines politics with policy, providing voter education to ensure that pro-life Americans know where their lawmakers stand on protecting the unborn.

Escalante will be speaking about her organization’s latest legislative priority, promoting the Better Care Reconciliation Act, which contains strong pro-life protections including re-directing Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer funding to community health centers.

Susan B. Anthony List also advances pro-life laws through direct lobbying and grassroots campaigns.

Please join us for a very informative evening and follow the Town Criers on St. George Street at

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