Regan’s memo to department heads about City Reorganization



TO: All Department Heads

DATE: May 3, 2017

RE: City Reorganization

Effective immediately the Human Resources Division will report to the City Manager’s Office and the IT Division will report to the General Services Department. Additionally, in relation to daily operations all Departments will report to the Assistant City Manager.

Processing of all Human Resources issues will basically remain unchanged from the past. The reporting of the Division to the City Manager’s Office removes any perceptual bias of being located within a specific department, improves the perception of confidentiality, allows for a more direct interaction in all human resources issues earlier in the process and allows the City Manager’s Office to more closely mold the city’s corporate culture.

Moving the IT Division to the General Services Department aligns it with other organization-wide divisions that work closely with IT; most notably the Facilities Management Group. Furthermore, it allows the Finance Department to focus on work critical to the City’s finance, parking policies, enforcement and customer services. All IT Division requests will be directed to Scott Graham for the time being. The General Services Department is working on developing a work order system for all IT requests in the future and you will be notified of any changes when it is ready for implementation.

At the present time many of you utilize the Assistant City Manager on a daily basis to solve problems and discuss issues that arise within your departments. This practice has proved effective and the expansion of all departments reporting to the Assistant City Manager will allow for quick responsiveness and enables the City Manager’s Office to implement matrix management approaches to projects. Moreover, this change will allow me to work in a more strategic capacity rather than tactical capacity.

Hopefully, these changes will prove beneficial to the City’s overall success and should you have any questions, please contact me.

John P. Regan, P.E.
City Manager

Timothy Burchfield, Asst. City Manager
Donna Hayes, Human Resources Manager

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