Reinvigorated Citizens for the Preservation of St Augustine

Dominque Hawkins, a consultant working on the new Historic Master Plan for St Augustine, has made a core recommendation to Historic City News and our readers that supports the creation of a preservation advocacy group made up of and supported by citizens.

On January 31st, a group of over 25 interested people from across the preservation community gathered at the Main Library to discuss the formation of such a group.   Jenny Wolfe, the City’s Historic Preservation Officer, presented ideas from the preliminary findings and had suggestions.

Once the Historic Master Plan steering committee was formed, they met with members of “Citizens for the Preservation of St Augustine, Inc.”, a group that organized in 2002.  According to Historic City News reader Melinda Rakoncay, “it was readily decided to merge the two groups”.

With a reinvigorated mission, Citizens for the Preservation of St. Augustine hopes to attract new members by offering a variety of ways that people can get involved in preserving St Augustine’s rich and varied history.

An open public meeting on March 16, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. will convene at the Willie Galimore Center, located at 399 Riberia Street in Lincolnville.  A presentation titled “Lost St. Augustine”, using old photographs from the St. Augustine Historic Library along with recent photos, will showcase a selection of buildings that have been demolished — and what has replaced them.  David Nolan, a well-known advocate of preservation, contributed to the presentation that St Augustine Historical Society representative Beth Bowen will present.

The audience will be able to vote for their recommendation to “10 Most Threatened Places in St Augustine”.  Citizens for the Preservation of St. Augustine has a tradition of publishing “Top 10” lists, and the top ranked places will be announced in May during National Preservation Month.

Some of the ideas and goals looking forward:

  • Creating “Annual Top 10 Lists” to bring attention to both threatened and restored properties
  • Sponsoring public lecture series and narrated tours on preservation
  • Strengthening awareness of preservation in partnership with neighborhoods and business owners
  • Commenting on the Historic Preservation Master Plan
  • Advocating for code enforcement and legislation to protect St. Augustine’s heritage
  • Assisting the city in maintaining the Florida Master Site Files
  • Creating a “Knowledge Bank” where preservationists can exchange successful restoration methods

Both those in the preservation field and those who simply want to learn more are encouraged to get involved.  For further information or to join the e-mail list, contact:

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