Scott O’Connell cleared of misdemeanor battery charges


Historic City News has confirmed reports that Scott O’Connell will not be prosecuted after he was arrested and charged by St Johns County Sheriff David B. Shoar for the crime of domestic violence battery; a first-degree misdemeanor.

Under duress of impending termination following his July 6, 2017 arrest, O’Connell offered his resignation from the agency on July 28th, still maintaining his innocence — as he had from the outset.

Resignation in hand, Shoar’s internal affairs bureau released their conclusion that the charges leveled against O’Connell could not be sustained; clearing him of any violation of policy in the eyes of the department. The conclusion cited a lack of physical evidence, O’Connell’s “continued denial,” and his wife’s “recanting of her original testimony and her refusal to fully cooperate by answering pertinent questions.”

Likewise, on October 30, 2017, Jacksonville Assistant State Attorney Katelyn Knaak Johnston, issued a disposition notice stating that, after reviewing the evidence, the Fourth Judicial Circuit division chief found no information and she declined to prosecute O’Connell “for these charges and any civil charges listed on the Arrest and Booking Report”. The documents were filed in St Johns County on November 1st.

Judge Charles Tinlin released the defendant’s bond and closed the case; however, O’Connell has not returned to work as a St Johns County deputy sheriff, regardless of the findings.

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