US Congressional team advised Mayor Nancy Shaver

Historic City News learned that St Augustine Mayor Nancy Shaver had the opportunity to meet with our US Congressional team at the Emergency Operation Center earlier today to discuss St. Augustine’s experience during Hurricane Irma and our current recovery activities.

Congressmen Ron DeSantis and John Rutherford were joined by US Senator Marco Rubio, all of whom assisted the city with obtaining federal aid after Hurricane Matthew last year.

“It’s never fast enough, and it’s never all we need to make us whole,” Shaver said in describing her expectations from Washington, DC. “I do feel like my experience with the congressional staff and our leaders will be a plus as we find ways to make the process as painless as possible for our residents.”

Shaver, who has worked with Senator Rubio and our congressmen in the past, reported that she believes we will have their full support as the full extent of our need is identified over the coming weeks.

“Right now, and first of all, we must make our roads passable, identify medical needs, evacuate stormwater, restore electricity, drinking water and sewer to our community,” Shaver said. “These steps will require time and patience from the public; but, they will be accomplished and we will get to the point where we can get involved in the steps that lay ahead.”

Shaver said that neighbors have already informed her that they have been contacted by retailers, banks and mortgage lenders, cellular and Internet providers, to name a few; all of whom have extended assistance in the form of fee waivers, extended due dates, and made alternative services available for customers affected by the hurricane.

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