Vilano Boat Ramp closed through October 31

Historic City News readers raised their voices in July about the poor conditions at the Vilano Beach Boat Ramp, and they were heard. A dredging project was announced today that will improve navigability to the ramp for public use.

When Michael Ryan, Director of Communications for St Johns County, informed our reporters that the Butler Beach boat ramp was being dredged June 21 through October 8th, our readers decided to make their feelings known about the Vilano Beach Boat Ramp, and the county listened.

“St. Johns County would like to thank our residents and visitors for their patience as staff works to improve this public facility,” Ryan told local reporters. “During the construction project, boaters are encouraged to use any of the other 11 public boat ramps in St. Johns County.”

The Vilano Beach Boat Ramp will be closed through Tuesday, October 31st. It has been nine-years since the turning basin and access channel along the Vilano Beach Causeway was dredged (July 23 through October 6, 2008).

Although the property is located within the city limits of St Augustine, it is owned and maintained by St Johns County.

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