Visitor from Bushnell hospitalized in attack at American Legion

Historic City News was informed by Community Affairs Officer Dee Brown that Saturday evening about 8:00 p.m., local police in St Augustine responded to a physical disturbance call on Anderson Circle around the American Legion Hall.

The victim, Jason Bedgood, was found on the ground bleeding. By the time police arrived, his attacker, described as a white male, approximately 6′ tall, heavily built and muscular, with dark hair, wearing a pink and orange shirt, had already fled the scene. The unknown assailant reportedly stole the victim’s phone and got away quickly.

“I was taken to a hospital in St. Augustine and then transferred to Jacksonville, where I was later released,” Bedgood told reporters. “I’m sore as hell and I’m just thankful to be alive. Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts.”

Bedgood had separated from his family who were visiting the city from Bushnell Florida. He was mingling in the patio area of the Hamblen Post when he was attacked. According to the victim, who is a Class A lineman for Pike Electric, he was “sucker punched then beaten pretty severely”.

St Johns County Fire Rescue responded to the scene, provided emergency medical treatment, then stabilized the victim who was transported to the emergency department at Flagler Hospital.

The victim’s wife, Bailey Bedgood, was contacting local social media groups this morning in the hopes that someone may have seen or heard something about this extreme attack. A witness stated that he observed the attacker strike Bedgood in the face, knocking him down.

“Some guy asked him either New York or New Jersey. Apparently this guy didn’t like whatever one my husband picked and he punched him and started kicking his face until he was knocked unconscious,” Bailey Bedgood wrote.

From statements made at the scene, it is possible that the attacker isn’t a local. Bedgood wrote that she speculated that he “could’ve been someone from the football game in Jacksonville”.

Bedgood concluded by stating that she personally would like to see the assailant’s wife charged, as well, since she was so quick to leave the scene. “She may not have thrown a punch but she dang sure didn’t do anything to stop him either,” Bedgood said.

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