Crime Report from St Johns County

Historic City News has learned about the following incidents reported to the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office over the past weekend.

  • Stolen Cars: Deputies in the S.E. District discovered two abandoned cars, in the early morning hours, which appeared to be disabled along US-1 South corridor near I-95. Further investigation into the cars revealed they had both been stolen from an area car dealership and had apparently run out of gas while fleeing South on US-1 towards the south county line. While discussing the incident with the car dealership, it appeared the suspects rammed a gate in the attempts to steal the cars. Another vehicle was located at the dealership, which was not removed from the property, but also sustained damage in the car theft attempt. The vehicles were processed for any forensic evidence that may exist and were then turned over to the dealership.
  • Car Burglaries: Four cars were burglarized and one stolen on one neighborhood street in the northwest district. Upon investigation it was discovered that each vehicle had been left unlocked overnight. Notwithstanding the theft of the 2008 Toyota Sequoia, other property losses were medications and personal documents. Investigators are continuing to reach out to neighbors for any information that may lead to suspects in the incidents. The vehicle had not been recovered at the time of this brief.
  • Theft Arrest: Deputies in the southeast district arrested a suspect in the theft of a new mobile phone from a local retailer. According to the report, employees with the cell phone store were assisting an existing customer who was shopping for a new phone. While briefly unattended, the customer left the store and the employees noticed the phone was missing and the security cable broken. Upon reviewing surveillance video, the employees witnessed the theft of the phone and notified both the Sheriff’s Office and the customer. While deputies were on-scene the customer returned to the store with the missing phone. The customer stated the cable broke and he forgot he had placed the phone on his person when he exited the store. The subject was arrested and taken to jail without incident.
  • Dealing in Stolen Property: Deputies in the northwest district were called to a citizen who was attempting to buy a trailer. According to the report, the citizen noticed a Florida tag covering an Ohio tag on the trailer. The individuals who were selling the trailer were also driving a rental truck to tow the trailer. Deputies arrived while the transaction was in progress. Upon contacting one of the two individuals, he stated he had purchased the trailer from someone else last week but decided he didn’t need it. A check of the Florida tag revealed it was recently reported stolen from Jacksonville. While discussing the issues, one subject attempted to flee from the location on foot, starting a brief foot chase before he was secured. The deputies inquired as to who they had purchased the trailer from and the suspect gave the name of the person who the suspects were portraying themselves as, to the potential buyer. It became apparent to the deputies that the suspects knew the trailer as well as some tools which were inside, were stolen and arrested the individuals who provided ID from South Carolina.
  • DWLS Arrest: A traffic stop of a vehicle operating with no tail lights was conducted along US-1 south. Once checked, the driver’s license was found to be suspended 10-times for past traffic violations. The driver was arrested and taken to jail.
  • Shoplifting Arrests: Two different incidents of shoplifting were revealed at the same location and both suspects arrested. In the first incident a subject placed a new pair of shoes on his feet, placing his old shoes in the box and returning them to the shelf. The second person was observed placing 11 clothing items in a backpack and passed all points of sale without paying for the items. Total taken was over $300.00. Both thieves were taken to jail.
  • Shoplifting: Three females and one male suspect allegedly entered a retail store in the northwest district and grabbed some 35-items of clothing from a shelf, and then exited the store. The total stolen was $2,429.00; witnesses observed the suspects entering a white vehicle which left the area. We are working on video to see if anyone can assist in identifying these individuals.
  • Found Firearms: Deputies were called to a location in the northeast district regarding to handguns found lying in a yard. Deputies believe the guns may be stolen but may not have been reported missing. Deputies took possession of the firearms and placed them into evidence for forensic examination. Attempts to identify the owners of the firearms continue.

Since June 1st, the St Johns County sheriff’s office has responded to 13-car burglaries or thefts of cars. Ten of those vehicles were unlocked. The greatest number of calls came on Saturday. There have been 15-guns stolen from unlocked cars so far this year. The criminals taking these items have already shown that following laws are not a priority to them. What else any of these criminal’s intentions are can only be imagined. Practice the 9:00 p.m. routine and ensure your property is secured every night.

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