Documents clarify previous reports of Wildwood arrest

Historic City News has obtained a copy of the arrest report from the St Johns County Sheriffs Office clarifying media accounts that have been broadcast and published following a domestic violence call that resulted in a close-range missed gunshot by one deputy, a TASER shot resulting in serious head injuries by another deputy, and a defendant who was armed only with a kitchen knife, who is still confined to a hospital bed nearly five-days later.

Now in business for himself as “SafComm, LLC”, Chuck Mulligan distributed a “Media Release” for the sheriff’s office on Sunday, April 29 announcing the arrest of 33-year-old Allen Joseph Roberts.

During the afternoon on Saturday, about 3:00 p.m., while receiving medical treatment at Flagler Hospital, Roberts’ wife reported that her husband indicated to her that he wanted to go home, and she believed that he might harm himself. Roberts’ wife left him at the hospital, against his wishes. Then about midnight, against medical advice, Roberts discharged himself and began home on foot.

Roberts and his wife have been married for approximately ten-years. They reside together at 1320 Wildwood Drive, Lot C, with their two children and an additional child from the wife’s previous relationship. The children were present inside the residence at the time their father returned home.

In a recorded, sworn interview, we have learned that the victim stated she greeted the defendant upon his arrival home and he became agitated. The victim said the defendant entered the residence and immediately retrieved a shotgun from a locked gun cabinet and a handgun from the bedroom.

The victim and another family member tried to calm the defendant without success, according to the statement. The victim said the defendant began to wave the handgun in her presence and said “someone is going to die tonight. They are going to get shot in the face.”

At that time, the victim called 911. She reported being afraid that the defendant would kill her, her children, and then kill himself. It was then that Roberts was said to briefly run outside with the firearms and placed them in the bed of his truck. The victim said she secretly exited the residence and threw the firearms into nearby bushes attempting to conceal them.

According to the wife, Roberts came outside and confronted her while she was exiting the rear of the truck. The victim told investigators that Roberts chased her from the truck, outside the gate of the residence, and southeast along Wildwood Drive.

The victim said when they reached 1300 Wildwood Drive, Roberts grabbed her shoulders and said “Give [me] my shit, you stupid bitch. If you don’t give it to me, I’m going to choke you to death.” The victim took him seriously.

Responding deputies located and pursued the defendant on foot. When they reached Roberts, the deputies observed that he was armed with a large kitchen knife. One deputy aimed and discharged her handgun at the defendant; missing Roberts completely.

A second deputy discharged a TASER at Roberts; striking and incapacitating him. During that encounter, Roberts’ head struck the pavement. He suffered injuries severe enough to warrant taking him to the hospital, where he remains at the time of this report.

Additional details have been requested from the sheriff’s office and will be published here when they are received.


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