Election update: Judges retain seats in local circuit

As qualifying week came to a close on Friday at noon, Historic City News learned that no challengers came forward to contest currently seated circuit court judges.

Therefore, all circuit judges up for election across the 7th Judicial Circuit are retained for another six-year term. 

It is not unusual for incumbent judges to run for re-election without opposition.  In seats where a challenger comes forward to qualify for, in this case, the $160,688 per year job, it is typically an attorney who must practice before the court.  In the event the incumbent prevails on the ballot, the loss can lead to potential conflicts that most practicing attorneys, and those they represent, would just as soon avoid.

Returning 7th Judicial Circuit Judges:

  • Leah Case
  • Terence R. Perkins
  • Mary G. Jolley
  • Christopher France
  • Ray Lee Smith II
  • Patti Ann Christensen
  • Elizabeth A. Blackburn
  • Clyde E. Wolf


Complete list of Circuit Court Judges serving the 7th Judicial Circuit

Judge Judicial Assistant Phone Location (County)
John M. Alexander Karen Higgins (904) 827-5603 St. Augustine (St. Johns)
Elizabeth A. Blackburn Michelle Pastor (386) 736-5948 DeLand (Volusia)
Leah R. Case Cathy Brick (386) 239-7790 Daytona Beach (Volusia)
Patti A. Christensen Joy Allen (386) 329-0263 Palatka (Putnam)
James R. Clayton Angela Bernal (386) 740-5270 DeLand (Volusia)
Dennis Craig Tammy Holder (386) 313-4510 Bunnell (Flagler)
DIVISION 31 Kenley Matejka (386) 257-6071 Daytona Beach (Volusia)
Karen A. Foxman Chrissy Poulin (386) 257-6090 Daytona Beach (Volusia)
Matthew M. Foxman Mary Lou Murrison (386) 239-7793 Daytona Beach (Volusia)
Christopher A. France Jennifer Sirman (386) 313-4515 Bunnell (Flagler)
Steven Henderson Sharon Farmer (386) 257-6051 Daytona Beach (Volusia)
Margaret W. Hudson Brooke McCormick (386) 822-5073 DeLand (Volusia)
Mary G. Jolley Tessie Beseny (386) 736-5945 DeLand (Volusia)
Howard M. Maltz Susan Miller (904) 827-5600 St. Augustine (St. Johns)
Howard O. McGillin, Jr. Veronica Griffis (904) 827-5647 St. Augustine (St. Johns)
A. Kathleen McNeilly Kim Smith (386) 257-6072 Daytona Beach (Volusia)
Dawn D. Nichols Michele Westfall (386) 822-5744 DeLand (Volusia)
Michael S. Orfinger Dana Holmes (386) 257-6091 Daytona Beach (Volusia)
Terence R. Perkins Susan Price (386) 239-7792 Daytona Beach (Volusia)
Randell H. Rowe III Diana Winfrey (386) 736-5946 DeLand (Volusia)
R. Lee Smith Traci Davis (386) 329-0471 Palatka (Putnam)
J. Michael Traynor Patty Hillis (904) 827-5606 St. Augustine (St. Johns)
Sandra C. Upchurch Cindy Manoski (386) 626-6590 DeLand (Volusia)
Stasia Warren John Bonaccorsy (386) 257-6099 Daytona Beach (Volusia)
Kathryn D. Weston Jody Anderson (386) 239-7791 Daytona Beach (Volusia)
Clyde E. Wolfe Marlene Germany (386) 329-0266 Palatka (Putnam)
Raul A. Zambrano Teresa Smith (386) 943-7060 DeLand (Volusia)

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