How would proposed extra $25,000 exemption help you?

Today, St Johns County Property Appraiser Eddie Creamer informed local Historic City News reporters that in November Florida voters will have the opportunity to vote on a proposition that would apply a third $25,000 homestead benefit to the portion of assessed value of homes between $100,000 and $125,000.

Creamer wants to direct readers to the “Stay Informed” tab of his office’s web page or to their Facebook page to reach the information and calculator.

“Our office, in conjunction with the Property Appraisers Association of Florida, has created educational materials and a what-if calculator, to solve the question whether you will benefit if the amendment passes,” Creamer explained.

Since the calculator is St. Johns County and individual property specific, Creamer says you will be able to determine what the amount of any benefit might be.

Creamer concluded, “Hopefully this is useful information for your readers, so they may be fully informed for the vote.”

You can contact the Property Appraiser by telephone at (904) 827-5520 or visit for more information.

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