Letter: Record publisher promoting communist organizations


Letter: Record publisher promoting communist organizations

Lance Thate, Chairman
Saint Augustine Tea Party

Dear Historic City News editor:

Journalism is dead according to Sean Hannity, popular host on Fox News. His focus is on the broadcast and cable media outlets. However, the New York Times and the Washington Post are not excluded. The print media, newspapers in general, have also completely lost their objectivity.

In Northeast Florida, two newspapers were acquired in October 2017 by Gatehouse Media. The St. Augustine Record located in St. Augustine and the Times Union, located in Jacksonville. Both publications have a long history of progressive bias. When Morris Communications, the former owner, went about its business of producing propaganda it did so, usually, by omission. Either vital facts were omitted in a story or the story wasn’t published at all. The editorial page was a disgrace in its total loss of balance.

The new owners in announcing a march by “Take Em Down Jax” from Hemming Park in Jacksonville to St Augustine took their propaganda activities a step further. In separate articles, the St. Augustine Record and the Times Union published a full-blown promotion of the event complete with a links to the Communist organizations promoting the event and an opportunity to donate to these radical, Marxist organizations. The Occupiers have known connections to the Communist affiliations and are organized and funded by Communists.

The St. Augustine Record, on their front page, promoted the event as though it were a social event. The article concludes with, “For more information on the protest, go to OccupyJax.org.”

The St. Augustine Tea Party’s Town Criers have been dealing with the Occupier movement in the historic district since November of 2011. They report that these are hateful, racist people with a propensity to violence. The Occupiers have destroyed property in such places as Charlottesville, Virginia and Ferguson, Missouri for example. Now we have the local newspaper, promoting the Occupiers by publishing a link on their front page.

In addition to St. Augustine and Jacksonville, Gatehouse Media owns Newspapers in Daytona Beach, Fort Walton Beach, Gainesville, Lakeland, Leesburg, Ocala, Panama City, Sarasota and Winter Haven in Florida and Athens, Augusta and Savannah in Georgia.

For over a century, the Communists have hidden from public view calling themselves Fabian Socialists, Liberals or Progressives. They applied their top down progressive tactics of a constant incremental transformational pressure to change the world to Communism. The examples cited here with these two radical newspapers and others across the Country shows that they are now willing to reveal their true identity.

Fabians and Progressives have had a prime directive which is the use of deception. Their Communist identity for over a hundred years has been protected and hidden from view. No one dared to expose them. With the collapse of Political Correctness their true identity is being revealed.

The Wolf in Sheep’s clothing is the symbol of that deception in the Stained-Glass window on display at the London School of Economics the birth place of Keynesian Economics and the Fabians. The Keynesian economic system is designed to aid manipulating Politicians and hardcore Communists.

The Fabian Tortoise also on display at the London School of Economics has the caption, “When I strike. I strike hard”. The Fabian Socialists in Britain are known as Progressives in America. The Communists are now coming out in full view. This is a dangerous and foreboding change. With the coming out so to speak, one can ask, “Are the Communists about to strike?”

Pravda was the official newspaper of the Communist Party in the former Soviet Union. It was a steady stream of the Communist Party’s propaganda. Today the print media is a steady stream of propaganda. They are reinforced by the broadcast media. A free people cannot survive without a responsible and free source of information.

Pravda is the Russian word for ‘truth’. The Communists have always twisted the language to perpetuate their lies and deceptions. The truth in media is hard to find in the America today. But, Pravda lives on in great abundance.

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