McClure announces campaign for St Augustine Mayor

Kim McClure formally announced to local Historic City News reporters yesterday that her husband, Bill McClure, a local businessman who has spent his career in the private sector building successful businesses and creating hundreds of jobs in Florida, has filed to run for Mayor of St Augustine.

As an Accredited County Commissioner in St Johns County for four years, from 2012-2016, McClure demonstrated his commitment to conservative principles by casting the deciding vote against a 1¢ sales tax referendum designed to bail out special interests.

“I’m a proven problem solver and your problems will be my priorities. We can do better but it takes a new vision. It’s time for real progress and positive results on traffic, flooding, managing growth, and keeping taxes low,” said McClure.  “Looking at traffic, flooding, and the effects of growth, I would ask city residents one question:  are you better off than you were four years ago?”

McClure says he is running for this office because it is time to solve current problems rather than continually telling residents “we are working on it”.

During his four-years as commissioner, McClure recalled that he led initiatives to rejuvenate St Johns County; adding more than 11,000 new jobs, refinancing its debt, and drastically improving its bond rating from AA- to AA+.  Some of his accomplishments led to national recognition by CNN Money who referred to northeast Florida as one of the “top job creating regions” in the country.

If you believe “the status quo” must end, McClure says, “I am ready to look to the future, and I have a plan.”  You can receive updates on his campaign by signing up at

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