New candidate files for election to city commission Seat 4


My name is Jill Pacetti and I am a candidate for St Augustine City Commission, Seat 4.

I am very proud of my Menorcan heritage. I am pleased to say that I have been able to trace nine-generations of my family on my father’s side. Through my genealogy research, I have learned that the Pacetti family has lived in St Augustine since 1777, and hundreds of Pacetti’s still reside in our community today.

I am a heritage native, born at Flagler Hospital when it was located on Marine Street in downtown St Augustine. I have been a resident of St Augustine most of my life. I attended Cathedral Parish School in downtown St Augustine during my elementary years, and I finished schooling in St Johns County Public Schools.

I am an alumnus of St Augustine High School. I had a wonderful time when I attended my 30-year-reunion in 2016; reconnecting with classmates, and meeting their new families. I met quite a few new friends.

Blessed with the “entrepreneurial spirit”, I joined my mother’s side of the family in the beauty industry. For nearly 20-years, I enjoyed success with my own salon. I still consider many of those patrons to be close friends and family.

In 2015, I retired from the Salon and joined my husband in his business as the office manager and bookkeeper. Marc and I own Spanish Main Antiques in Uptown St Augustine.

We have two children; 14-year-old Tre’ and 10-year-old Grace. Tre’ currently attends Beacon of Hope Christian School in St Augustine and I am homeschooling my daughter, Grace. While my daughter attended pre-school, I volunteered for two-years as a board member for Memorial Lutheran Chapel School in St Augustine. Currently I am the Parent Teacher Coordinator for Beacon of Hope Christian School. Life is certainly busy, but that is how I work best.

I am the oldest of seven children, and I come from a large Catholic family. I was baptized in the font of Cathedral Basilica Catholic Church.


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