Pardon our dust

The new year brings new expansion and rebuilding for Historic City News headquarters in St Augustine. We’re not completely moved in yet, but we are well on the way thanks to help from our loyal sponsors who came through for us again this month. Thank you.

We will celebrate our 18th Year in the news publishing business in just a few short weeks; March 18, 2018. Eighteen years of reporting in the public interest, through an advertiser-supported Free Press. Casual readers and subscribers will never pay a fee to read the content on our exclusive web portal,, or any of our social media websites that include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many others in the works.

The remaining furnishings, some Internet publishing equipment, and a final walk-through are only days away. Power and other utilities are already on, AT&T has our high-speed network operational, Pop-a-Lock and our alarm vendor finished up the security surveillance and alarm system today, all three of us are very excited and we have employee number four in the works as we establish a strategy to best cover Anastasia Island and St Augustine Beach.

We should have your regular coverage back up to par this week, and I personally thank you for your understanding and patience as we make this strategic move from downtown St Augustine to our new facilities located at 5543 SR-A1A South, near Butler Beach. In fact, we are right around the corner from the sheriff’s house, literally! We’ll be able to send up the Historic City News drone and have eyeballs on what he’s up to. Just kidding, of course. Or, are we?!

We’ve talked about an open house, but we must get finished moving in, first. If we make that call, everyone who wants to come will get an invitation and we will run an ad on it. Look for a decision in March. In the meantime, we need to all-out crush with new advertisers during February. If you need low-cost advertising for your trade or business, it is hard to beat the speed and convenience of Historic City News. With over 30,000 daily readers, you will not waste your clicks to kitties in the closet with their latest I-pad application. Advertise with us and get your money’s worth.

Call today at 904.567.NEWS or e-mail for details.

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