Prove you are a fiscal conservative — advertise with us

Especially for political advertisers, Historic City News is the place for your limited campaign budget. Whether your strategy is for a Primary Election or the General in November, only we offer advanced customer targeting.

Our direct e-mail blasts cost a fraction of a trip to the post office. And, combined with our exclusive elector database, we get your message in front of the real voters faster than any stamped-mail campaign.

We know more about our subscribers and website visitors than you can imagine. Our reader database has matured over the past 18-years. We can identify your best advertising buys allowing you to run efficient targeted-reach extension campaigns that use geo-targeting, contextual targeting, behavioral targeting, demography, and retargeting.

We are mastering responsive design for our news venues and make the most out of our readers choice of screen size. We can display traditional ad units on all devices with an option for in-banner animation on a desktop. We also offer ad units designed specifically for mobile devices with Retina technology. Pre, Mid and Post roll ads are offered, including companion ads when available.

And after your election, we don’t abandon you. Our services range from reputation management, social media presence, SEO, SEM and digital experiences. Our local digital agency is fully backed by the most successful technology and marketing experts.

We can target your ongoing message to our audience based on a user’s IP, support database procurement, database scrubbing for IP address confirmation, hyper-local IP address targeting, location-based IP address targeting and match-back confirmation.

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