Senator Travis Hutson recaps week in the Florida Senate

Senator Travis Hutson informed local Historic City News reporters that the following actions were taken during the week of February 5th – 9th in the Florida Senate.

  • Protecting our Environment for Future Generations
    The Senate continues our commitment to faithfully implement the voter-approved Water and Land Conservation Amendment with significant investments in Florida Forever and Everglades Restoration, as well as the restoration of our beaches and springs.

  • Opioid Abuse Prevention and Treatment Services
    The opioid epidemic claims 16 lives per day in Florida, and the Senate is taking action to combat this crisis in our state. Our budget makes provisions for opioid abuse prevention and treatment services for individuals and families. We are taking steps in the right direction to end this devastating crisis.

  • Ensuring Access to World-Class Education Opportunities for Florida’s Students
    This budget reflects the Senate’s strong commitment to supporting our students and recognizes the link between education and our economy. From unprecedented per-student funding for our K-12 schools, to continuing historic investments in need and merit-based student financial aid and scholarships like Bright Futures, we understand that there is a significant return for taxpayers when we invest in Florida’s future.

  • Pay Raises for State Law Enforcement Officers and State Firefighters
    The Senate recognizes the selfless dedication of those who work so hard to keep our communities safe, and our budget reflects that by proposing a pay raise for state law enforcement officers and state firefighters. It is very important that we recruit and retain top talent for our state workforce, and this budget includes targeted pay raises in areas with high amounts of turnover, including state law enforcement officers and state firefighters.

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