Southern Heritage group opposes Scott’s gun plan

David McCallister confirmed to Historic City News reporters that the group, “Save Southern Heritage Florida”, is on record today opposing Governor Rick Scott’s recently announced gun control plan.

A coalition of organizations, including the Southern Heritage group, say they will expose the opportunists who are exploiting the tragedy in a Broward County public high school for the chance to whittle away the rights of law abiding citizens.

“Southerners understand that the right to defend yourself, your family, and your property, is a basic right granted by God and codified by our Nation’s founders,” McCallister, a spokesman for the organization, told local reporters. “We oppose any attempt to abridge the rights guaranteed to Florida citizens under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.”

McCallister says, in many cases, his members have noticed that the Florida legislators who are now supporting the governor’s infringement of a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms, are the same legislators who have supported the removal of Civil War memorials and other observances; thereby curtailing free speech.

“Florida Republicans are hopping into bed with the radical left for fear of being called racists,” McCallister added.

Referring to last Wednesday’s 37-0 vote in the Florida Senate to replace the statue of Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith at National Statuary Hall in Washington, with a statue of Civil Rights leader, Mary McLeod Bethune, McCallister believes that if our representatives in government don’t get some backbone and stand their ground, they will surely lose seats during November’s mid-term elections.

Save Southern Heritage Florida educates and advocates on behalf of Southern heritage and history. Since its start in 2015, the organization has not condoned racism and does not support any group or person that does. We respect the rights and privileges of all and expect those in our association to respect and treat others the same way they would expect to be treated. Read more at

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