UF Historic St Augustine meets Wednesday morning

The Board of Directors of UF Historic St Augustine will meet in special session Wednesday morning to hear a presentation of options for the General William Wing Loring memorial and grave located in Loring Park on the west side of Government House.

Historic City News has followed the progress of these discussions following the decision of the St Augustine City Commission to preserve the memorial obelisk on their property in the Plaza de la Constitution in October of last year.

According to the deed, the federal government transferred responsibility and care of the gravesite and memorial to the State of Florida when they relocated the post office to its present location.  The Trustees of the Internal Improvements Trust Fund, which consists of the Governor and his cabinet members, are the legal entity with authority to acquire, hold, or dispose of real property owned by the State.

Special Board Meeting (Loring Monument)
June 6, 2018 10:00 a.m.
Government House – 48 King Street


• Introductions and Welcome-Allen Lastinger
• Approval of Minutes
• Purpose of meeting-Allen Lastinger
• Comments by Tom Jackson
• Comments by Neely Loring (Invited but not confirmed)
• Presentation of Options-Ed Poppell
• Discussion of Options-Board members
• Public comment period
• Board consensus
• Adjourn

The Department of State granted the University of Florida the right to manage 37-historical properties and locations as of October 1, 2010 under Lease Agreement #2734, to create the direct service organization, “UF Historic St Augustine, Inc.”, for the limited purpose to preserve, restore, reproduce, maintain, operate and exhibit ancient or historical landmarks, locations, sites, monuments, buildings, remains or other property of historic or antiquarian interest, value, beauty, scientific interest, recreational utility, or other unusual features, within the City of St. Augustine.  The agreement does not provide for the removal or disposal of any of the real property subject to the lease, such as the hundred-year-old Loring memorial.

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