UF Historic St Augustine tables action on Loring Monument

Chairman Allen Lastinger convened Friday morning’s Board of Directors meeting of UF Historic St. Augustine, Inc., the first meeting of the body since they started a public discussion on the disposition of the Loring Monument on March 14, 2018.

After the vote to accept minutes of the October 20, 2017 and March 16, 2018 meetings, the topic of the Loring Monument was the next item to be addressed. However, unlike the prior meeting, the Friday the 13th meeting lacked the drama of its predecessor.

Ed Poppell led the discussion by members of the Board, then invited any public comments on the topic. This time, no speakers came forward from the audience; including Ronald Rawls Jr from Gainesville, who was seated on the front row.

Poppell said research on the monument is continuing. He said that the direct service organization managing the lease on Florida’s state-owned properties, had been in communication with surviving members of the Loring family, and the Board has taken note of the decision of city government regarding the memorial that recognizes forty-four St Augustine citizens whose remains were never returned from the battlefield.

Poppell clarified that when the matter returned to the Board for further discussion, likely to include additional public comments, the results will be to identify the organization’s options — not to make recommendations.

Additional action items brought before the Board included:

3. Financial Reports

a. Colonial Quarter
b. Financial Update for FY 2017-18
c. Budget approval for FY 2018-19

4. Board Nomination-Colburn/Gordon

5. Informational/Discussion Items:

a. Gannon desk gift
b. CQ update-Croce Team
c. PISA update-Marty Hylton
d. Update from Digital Project-Matt Armstrong
e. Academic Institute – Linda Dixon
f. Update on Building plaques – Linda Dixon
g. Riberia Yard connector update
h. Construction update
i. Documentary Film debrief/feedback/educational

6. St. Augustine Historical Society Report – Magen Wilson

7. Strategic Planning

8. Slip and fall law suit – Ed Poppell

9. City of St. Augustine-City Manager Update – John Regan

10. Legislative Update – Ed Poppell

It was announced that the next Board meeting will not be until November 2018, subject to any special meeting.  The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

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