Veterans and their families intended targets of identity fraud

The TRICARE fraud prevention unit has informed local Historic City News reporters that military families are under attack from fraudulent phone calls seeking to obtain personal identifying information and other health care provider sensitive details under false pretenses.

Caller-ID reported that the calls were being originated from (516) 253-2565 and the callers were somewhat familiar with the US Veteran healthcare provider’s services. An unsuspecting veteran or their spouse might not think twice about a call of this nature.

“The calls are not coming from TRICARE, but we began hearing about them in late May 2018,” according to an announcement from TRICARE. “TRICARE and its contractors will never call and ask for sensitive information or health information over the phone.”

Whenever you receive a business telephone call from anyone you don’t know and trust, you can always ask them for their name and a telephone number where you can return their call.

  • However, if you receive a telephone call from (516) 253-2565, or anyone claiming to be a TRICARE representative asking you for your personal identifying information, hang up and call the TRICARE “Fraud Hotline” at (877) 968-7455.

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