Winner, winner.  Chicken dinner.

Historic City News editor Michael Gold says that the best strategy to win any election is to run unopposed.  Although it is rare to see a county commissioner run for re-election without drawing some opposition, and common to see a judicial candidate returned to the bench, we saw both in the 2018 qualifying period that closed Friday at noon.

  • Republican County Commissioner for District 2, Jeb Smith, will return for four more years; a testament to his fair and honest service during his last term.  We find that Smith is not afraid to ask questions of presenters before the commission, especially in matters related to integrity and public trust.  That ruffles the feathers of some who have received carte blanche treatment when appearing before past commissions.  We say he is acting in the public interest and we could use four more just like him.  Our Editorial Board would have gladly given him our endorsement, and we are pleased that so many others see it our way.
  • Likewise, there was no reason not to return County Judge Alexander R. Christine Jr. to the Group 1 seat.  County judges are the worker bees in the Seventh Judicial Circuit; handling infractions, minor criminal matters, and civil disputes over smaller amounts of money.  However, they are also responsible for arraignments and first hearings of major criminal cases that are bound over for circuit court.

Without the need for balloting, the following additional 32-officeholders were elected or re-elected without a contest:


Aberdeen CDD – Seat 5 Gary Davis
Airport Authority Group 1 Suzanne W. Green
Brandy Creek CDD – Seat 1 Gary Williams
Brandy Creek CDD – Seat 5 Meredith Payne
City of St. Aug. Beach Comm. – Seat 4 Margaret England
Durbin Crossing CDD – Seat 1 Peter E. Pollicino
Durbin Crossing CDD – Seat 5 Jason S. Harrah
Glen St. Johns CDD – Seat 4 Brian Reese
Glen St. Johns CDD – Seat 5 Darren Romero
Heritage Park CDD – Seat 1 Mark J.  Masley
Heritage Park CDD – Seat 3 Robert Curran
Heritage Park CDD – Seat 5 Thomas V. Ferry
Julington Creek Plantation CDD-Seat 3 Tom Chambers
Julington Creek Plantation CDD-Seat 4 Kevin P. Gavin
Marshall Creek CDD  – Seat 2 Kathleen J. Moss
Marshall Creek CDD – Seat 1 Howard Entman
Marshall Creek CDD – Seat 3 Howard Hoffman
Ponte Vedra MSD – Seat 3 Mack McCuller
Ponte Vedra MSD – Seat 5 Alva A. Hollon, Jr.
Port Waterway and Beach – Group 5 Tom Rivers
Sampson Creek CDD – Seat 1 William Hohmann
Sampson Creek CDD – Seat 3 Tom Hudson
School Board – Dist 1 Beverly Slough
School Board – Dist 3 Bill Mignon
Soil & Water Conservation Dist. 1 Chaddon Levrini
Soil & Water Conservation Dist. 2 Erica Connor
Soil & Water Conservation Dist. 5 David M.  Rogers
St. Johns Forest CDD – Seat 3 Carly Weddle
Turnbull Creek CDD – Seat 5 Chuck Labanowski
World Commerce CDD – Seat 3 Karen L. McNairn

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