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Historic City News is an exercise in citizen journalism — a movement away from newswire reporting; where we empower our writers and contributors with the platform to reach 15,000 weekday readers, and thousands more on our social media websites as well as our news domain,

Our publication is myopically focused on news originating from or having an impact on St Augustine and St Johns County, with occasional supporting articles from adjoining counties. We do not try to be the source for national news, the stock market, or liberal corporate media publicity.

We are much better suited, as independent, individual, free thinking citizens to report local news in our community, to take stock of the people who make those markets, and to offer a conservative, non-sugar-coated report of who’s doing what to who; whether it be a corrupt local official, the public figures of the day, or those who, through fraud, waste, and abuse, are manipulating our local markets to line their own pockets.

We ARE the First Amendment, without fear or favor, and we serve as the eyes and ears of the public when we press for open meetings, open records, and transparency in our government.

With great appreciation for their contributions, and the blessing of financial sponsors, affiliates, and the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, as well as a host of local display advertisers, we have developed, over the past ten-years, from a periodic newsletter, to an interactive platform put in place six-years ago, to a polished collaborative that is read some of the area’s most influential citizens.

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Our 24-hour news portal is the repository for all of our news articles, editorials, and photo journal reports. It contains the full text of every article as well as an online antecedent history which goes back to 2008. This is the place to go to learn more from our complete archives.

Our gateway to facebook and all of the social media features available. This is the place to go to post remarks about breaking news stories, add your opinions or visit our photo galleries; compiled from events happening in and around St Augustine, St Johns County and the Beaches.

All the news that fits in 140 characters — including the URL. This is the place for “on-the-go” readers, who also want to be “in-the-know” throughout the day. Follow us on twitter and you’ll be notified as soon as each article is posted to our website. If the topic is of interest, just click the embedded link to be taken to the full story with pictures.

Currently, our advertisers and sponsors fully support the cost of producing our weekday news journal, and we hope that trend continues. “One thing is for certain,” Historic City News editor Michael Gold said. “If even a small percentage of local advertisers include us in their mix, we will never charge our readers to read the news.”

Reach us through our contact page or call 904.829.9511