Alcoholic beverage compliance checks

David Shoar
Yesterday, the Youth Services Unit of the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office worked together on a joint operation with the State Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco according to information received by Historic City News from Sheriff David B. Shoar.

The focus of the operation was to conduct compliance checks on licensed retail businesses that sell alcoholic beverages. Shoar said today that “One of the purposes of this operation is to raise awareness to the problem of underage drinking in St. Johns County and to deter businesses and individuals from providing our youth with alcohol.” The goal of the Sheriff’s Office is to reduce underage alcohol consumption and alcohol related traffic injuries and death.

With the use of an underage investigative aide, a total of 17 businesses were checked in St. Johns County Wednesday.

Seven clerks unlawfully sold alcoholic beverages to the investigative aide. Six of those clerks, who are adults, were each charged with unlawful sale of alcoholic beverages to a minor, which is a misdemeanor charge in the state of Florida.

One of the clerks, a 15-year old juvenile, was issued a civil citation.

The seven establishments will also face administrative inquires by the state as to the future status of their beverage license.

Penalties could range from warnings, suspension or revocation of the beverage license and financial penalties.

Clerks at the following establishments were charged with selling alcohol to a minor:

  • Ken’s Corner Store, 890 W. King St.
  • King Food Mart, 667 W. King St.
  • Kangaroo, 1115 A1A South
  • Kangaroo, 465 S.R. 16
  • BP, at 125 Centerplace Way (WGV)
  • Hess, 150 Hampton Point Way
  • Daily’s, 2250 C.R. 210 West