Animal Control assisted Tennessee dog raid

Animal Control
St. Johns County Animal Control Manager Paul Studivant traveled to Liles, Tennessee, last week to assist the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) with the largest animal raid in Tennessee state history according to a media release received by Historic City News today.

Studivant worked with more than 50 individuals from humane organizations across the country for two days to safely remove more than 700 dogs and other animals from Pine Bluff Kennels, which was functioning as a puppy mill.

The rescue operation found toy-sized dogs living in horrific conditions. The breeds included Boston and Yorkshire Terriers, Pugs, Chihuahuas, Poodles, Schnauzers and more. A majority of the animals were mother dogs and offspring, living in filthiness with no food or drink. Other animals included older breeding dogs in cages so small they couldn’t even stand.

Studivant brought back 29 dogs and 2 cats to the St. Johns County Pet Center over the weekend. Custody of the animals currently belongs to the HSUS, and the animals are not available for immediate adoption. The ultimate goal is to find loving homes for each animal, but first County staff must address veterinarian and health issues, particularly with several of the animals who are believed to be pregnant.

St. Johns County is working with the HSUS to create conditions in which the animals can be adopted, and a future media release will announce when they are available. St. Johns County is anticipating a high demand for the animals and plans to adopt the animals through an auction to raise money for the Pet Center.

Although the animals are not yet ready for adoption, residents may help support the animals through donations to the Pet Center. Monetary donations to assist with veterinarian costs are needed, as well as towels to help care for the animals. Both types of donations may be dropped off at the Pet Center, located at 130 N. Stratton Road, off US-1 between County Road 210 and International Golf Parkway.

For more information or to learn about other animals up for adoption, call the Pet Center at 209-6190.

Photo credit: Historic City Media news photographer Kerry McGuire