Easy access to government information

Michael Wanchick
“We constantly look for ways to enhance communication and bring government closer to the people in a more convenient and cost effective manner,” County Administrator Michael Wanchick said in an announcement received by Historic City News on yesterday.

Wanchick says he is pleased with a new and innovative application, developed internally by the County’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Management of Information Systems (MIS) staffs.

“The MySJCFL application is a new feature on the St. Johns County website, which centralizes personalized information such as voting precincts, school information, commission and congressional districts, parcel info, libraries, maps and other data.

MySJCFL will take a significant amount of information and place it within very easy reach of anyone who visits our website.”, Wanchick said.

As the County continually strives to increase access to government and improve services for residents, this application makes it easy to access data from various County departments.

Citizens may access MySJCFL directly by visiting this link: www.sjcfl.us/MySJCFL. Through the application, users will find a wealth of useful information specific to them and their community.

The process works by using a resident’s home address and then matching that location with specific information about their local area.