Errol Jones: Is he or isn’t he?

The St. Augustine Record was reporting yesterday that Jones will seek re-election after six years on the St. Augustine City Commission.

When Historic City Media spoke with the Supervisor of Elections Office on yesterday, we were told that they could not find any record that Jones has filed as a candidate for re-election. The website maintained by the Supervisor’s office is checked regularly by our news reporters and as of the writing of this story, there is still no record that Jones has properly filed.

Filing with the Supervisor of Elections allows you to legally do things in the electioneering process; like place campaign advertising, solicit petitions to be placed on the ballot in lieu of paying a “qualifying fee”, and, of course, solicit campaign contributions. Filing means that the candidate has taken an oath to comply with the applicable election laws and that they have designated a campaign account from which they will be required to report all income and expenditures.

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