Homicide Unit distributes poster

Unsolved and missing poster
The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Unit has created a poster to assist in bringing the 22 unsolved homicide and 8 unresolved missing person cases to a close according to an update received by Historic City News this morning.

In recent years, the homicide unit of the SJSO has been successful in solving some homicide cold cases; notably Cherie Morrisette and Alicia Eakins. Their mission is to give closure to the families of murder victims or those with missing loved ones.

While St. Johns County has a relatively low homicide rate on an annual basis, some of these 22 cases date back to 1981.

The new poster will be distributed in government offices to increase awareness and encourage the sharing of information regarding these cases. In addition, this information can be accessed on the Sheriff’s Office website at www.sjso.org and will be featured in the quarterly Community Watch magazine available without charge from the Sheriff’s Community Service department.

Anyone with information regarding any of these cases is asked to contact the Homicide Unit at (904) 824-8304 or NE Florida Crimestoppers at 1-888-277-8477.