IRS stimulus payment e-mail scam

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Looking very official, the following e-mail – which was sent from a computer in the United Kingdom – was received by an editor at Historic City Media this morning; purporting to be a confirmation of the 2007 economic stimulus payment from the Internal Revenue Service.

Those who are duped and respond to the linked inquiry form will have their most important personal identification information compromised by this almost believable Internet phishing scheme.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
United States Department of the Treasury
IRS-2008-66, May 27, 2008

The Internal Revenue Service has begun to transfer economic stimulus payments to millions of Americans, some of whom will see payments in their bank accounts as early as today.

The IRS will issue payments of up to $600 ($1,200 for married couples) plus $300 for eligible children younger than 17, throughout the spring and summer. The first wave of payments will go to people who opted for direct deposit on their 2007 income tax returns.

“If you think you may be eligible, even if you don’t normally file a tax return, please check it out. And, use direct deposit to get your payment faster.”

Whether a taxpayer opted for direct deposit determines how soon the payment will arrive. The first cycle of economic stimulus payment will be e-mailed starting May 9.

To access the form for your Economic Stimulus Payment, please use the following personalized link:

Document Reference: (123.12.1234).

The IRS will send notices to taxpayers who are eligible for an economic stimulus payment. By keeping people informed, the IRS hopes to reduce calls to customer service representatives who are still busy helping taxpayers complete tax returns.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) United States Department of the Treasury

The link, which has intentionally been deleted by our editor, takes you to an inquiry form that attempts to mislead the victim and capture some of the most valuable information commonly used in attempting identiy theft and impersonation fraud.

Where’s My Stimulus Payment

Get Your Economic Stimulus Payment on your VISA or MasterCard

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According to “whois” records, the phishing domain is registered to an individual in France:

Registrant Contact Information:
Name: MARTZ Alain
Organization: Comite PIFO Scrabble
Address 1: 9, Avenue de Tournaisis
Zip: 78990
Country: FRANCE