Junkanoo Festival postponed

Sacha Martin, Coordinator of the Junkanoo Scholarship Fund Inc., reported to Historic City News that the Junkanoo Festival originally planned for September 20th has been postponed.

“Because of factors beyond our control and the possibility of having an enhanced event, Junkanoo will be postponed until probably late April 2009.”, according to Martin.

The festival has a website and Martin asks everyone to refer to www.JunkanooFest.com for updates.

Junkanoo celebrates historical ties between Abaco, Bahamas and St. Augustine. It is a cultural exchange and helps to fund a scholarship to send a deserving student from Abaco to Flagler College.

Martin says, “Our event is highlighted with a dancing Junkanoo carnival parade with colorful Bahamian costumes and cowbells, whistles and rake and scrape instruments and an additional envigorating Bahamian musical experience.”