Precautionary City Water Boil Notice

Public Works
Cathy DuPont, Neighborhood Coordinator – Dept. of Public Affairs for the City of St. Augustine, reported via an immediate media release to Historic City News that a water main break on King St. has triggered a precautionary water boil notice for all City Water customers.

A 16” water main break occurred at King St. and east of the San Sebastian River at approximately 11:30 A. M. resulting in the interruption of water or low water pressure for city water customers throughout the city. Earlier this afternoon, Historic City News and Media employees received a “Code Red Alert” by telephone; a new service of the City that calls registered citizens with important or emergency information that may affect them.

City workers are repairing the main this afternoon and westbound traffic on King St. is being diverted to Malaga St. The westbound lane of King St. is temporarily closed until completion of the repairs which is expected to be between 4 and 6 P.M. today. All residents are urged to avoid this intersection.

A boil water advisory has been issued to all City of St. Augustine water customers for the next two days. While the city believes the water is safe, it is recommended that as a precaution, customers bring drinking water to a running boil for one minute before drinking. This precautionary action should continue for two days until bacteriological samples are cleared. A rescission notice will then be issued.

For more information call the Public Works Dept. at 825.1040.